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Health Ministry recovery program


  • Has a desire to stay clean and sober
  • Has a hope to rise above the pain and turmoil engendered by the addiction of a loved one
  • Wishes to break the bondage of compulsive behavior
  • who is clean and sober and
  • who has a family member or loved one suffering
  • who is living with the struggles of emotional or mental health challenges - depression - bipolar - mood disorders ADHD
  • who is powerless over people, situations and things (mental health, physical health, cancer)

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Trying to Fight an Addiction, or Know Someone Who Is?




Unhooked, a show on Hope Channel, focuses on common addictions and unhealthy behaviors.  Watch the trailer below.

Watch online - Unhooked, a show on Hope Channel
Access online at www.hopetv.org/unhooked